Syrian Aleppo soap 200g

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syrian Aleppo soap - 100% natural

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Syrian Aleppo Soap 200 g

Handcrafted since the 8th century, this traditional soap was first brought to Europe by the Crusaders of the Orient.
Since then, the manufacturing process has not changed and made the city of Aleppo (Halep) in Syria world-renowned for its special quality of olive oil laurel soaps.

For the production only natural products such as olive oil, laurel oil, soda and water are used. The olive oil mixed with soda is heated in large kettles and is slowly stirred.
Finally, the laurel oil is added and the soap washed with water until it is alkali-free. After cooling, the soap mass is spread on trays, diced by hand, sealed and stored between 6 and 9 months until fully matured.

This pure natural soap is an ideal cleansing and care product for skin and hair and can also be used as shaving soap. The contained olive oil protects the skin against dehydration through a refatting effect, it supports the regeneration of the skin and supplies it with vitamin E and minerals.

Regular use supports the treatment of atopic dermatitis and many other skin conditions. It is ideal for sensitive skin, as it does not harm the natural acidic environment of the skin and has an antiseptic effect due to the laurel oil. The low foam development makes it very productive and durable.
Free from animal or chemical additives, preservatives or artificial fragrances, this pH neutral natural soap is suitable for everyone.

"Everything you view with love is pure beauty," Christian Morgenstern once said. So we regard each of our products as something special, loving and unique - let yourself be inspired! With attention to detail, the passion for the extraordinary and tradition is captivated in every single piece. Each item has its own story.
With our Hamam, Spa and Wellness products of the Ottoman brand, we will take you into the enchanting world of the Arabian Nights. Exclusive fragrances, high-quality oils and selected ingredients make every single product unique - just like you.
Many products of the Ottoman brand are made according to traditional craftsmanship. Naturally produced olive oil soap, hand-woven pestemals with inspirational patterns or hand-embellished tas with distinctive patterns. These accessories are perfect for an unforgettable hammam experience in your own home.
Because what is it that makes our hearts beat faster? Is it not the small, special moments in everyday life, a nice gesture, a carefree laugh? The magic lies in consciously experiencing these encounters. We want to enrich and beautify your space, your retreat with our products. Harmony, relaxation and balance, a short break. Design your bathroom with selected favorite products and create the ultimate holiday feeling. Give yourself some attention and because "love is the beauty of the soul" (Aurelius).
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